Meet Dan Toth

Meet Dan Toth

Save Jersey’s 2013 Meet the Candidates Series Continues, Week of June 3, 2013

By Nicole Sanders | The Save Jersey Blog

Dan TothIn my efforts to introduce candidates to the voting public, I started a weekly column called Meet the Candidates. In essence, it is a past day stump speech updated for the virtual world.

For this week’s column, I am honored to introduce to you Brick Township’s Mayoral Candidate and current Councilman, Dan Toth.

Dan graduated from Rutgers University in 1999 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in American History. He has been a lifelong resident of Brick Township where he works in the public warehousing and alcoholic beverage industry and he owns several rental properties throughout Ocean County which he manages himself. This is something I am very familiar with myself as I manage my families rental properties, too.

My interview with Brick Mayoral Candidate Dan Toth is below the fold…

Sanders: What makes you a more viable candidate in comparison to your challenger?

Toth: Having been a councilman for the past 7 ½ years, I have always had a great relationship with our residents, regardless of their political affiliations. My accessibility and proactive approach to government has put me in a position where I have become the “go-to person” on the township council for myriad issues ranging from property maintenance, budgeting, property taxes, potholes, etc. It is a position that I take seriously, and my track record speaks for itself in distinguishing myself from my opponent.

Sanders: What are your greatest legislative or personal accomplishments thus far?

Toth: As a councilman, I believe my job is two-fold, being defined as a legislator and a budget craftsman. As such, my most visible legislative accomplishment was the adoption of our new property maintenance code, the International Property Maintenance Code, which gives more tools to our code enforcement officers to improve the overall quality of life in our township. This has worked, and continues to do so. From a budgetary standpoint, my greatest accomplishments are: I successfully lobbied my council colleagues to keep our Department of Public Works, preventing the mass layoff of many of our hard-working residents; in addition, I led our business and finance committee to create the largest budget surplus in history: $13 million dollars! This type of fiscal management and responsibility will help our community successfully rise out of the disaster left to us by Super Storm Sandy.

Sanders: Currently you are a Councilman; why did you decide to run for Mayor?

Toth: I was born and raised in Brick Township. Now raising a family here, it is my desire to make Brick Township Great Again! Somewhere along the line, our sense of community and pride seemed to have eroded. I intend to make our township great again, in that respect, and will make my decisions based on what I believe to be true in my heart.

Sanders: As Mayor, what will you do to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy who are still in need?

Toth: Super Storm Sandy needs no introduction. The wrath is still being felt by thousands of our residents, many who are still displaced, awaiting insurance settlements and federal grant monies to help with the rebuilding effort. When elected, my duty will be to get our Federal, State and County governments even more attuned to our community so that the costs of the rebuilding effort are mitigated to the fullest extent. We also need to assure our affected residents that we, Brick Township, are there for them every step of the way.

Sanders: If your constituents wanted to reach out to you and ask you questions about your positions or how to volunteer, who can they reach out to?

Toth: I have been the most accessible councilperson in the last 8 years. My personal cell phone is on each one of my business cards, as is my personal email. I cannot say this for my opponent. In addition, as sometimes our residents may feel intimidated when approaching the council at a public meeting, I have continually held “office hours” off-premise for residents to meet with me one-on-one to discuss issues important to them at varying times and different venues throughout town over the past years. This has proved popular and I plan to continue the “Town Hall” style of government when elected mayor.

Sanders: In a short statement, please advise why your constituents should vote for you and what do you want accomplish if you are elected as Mayor?

Toth: Let’s Make Brick Great Again! Simply stated, the reason that I should be elected is that I will do the job to the best of my ability, and I will never let our residents down. In making Brick Great Again, bad practices like patronage positions will be eliminated, period. Millions of dollars will be saved annually when you eliminate these unnecessary and bloated positions in government.

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*As an aside, seeing that the primary is this week on June 4th, I want to wish all the candidates who are running GOOD LUCK!

Please remember to go out and vote. Your vote will make a difference and, as I always say, “if you did not vote, do not complain about your elected officials because you did not help to get them out.”

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