Here’s Hoping Rand & Chris Meet

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The first spat of 2016 may be boiling down to a simmer, Save Jerseyans, after a weak of relatively intense heat between Chris Christie and Rand Paul.

Sen. Paul appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show on Wednesday and said “I think with Gov. Christie, it’s gotten a little too personal, so let’s kiss and make-up.” Gov. Christie brushed it all off later in the evening on NJ 101.5, characterizing Paul’s behavior as “juvenile” but saying it didn’t offend him:


Look: I’m the man who said “history according to Ron Paul has no place in the GOP,” Save Jerseyans. I have serious reservations concerning libertarian positions on a few issues, mostly in the foreign policy sphere.

That being said, it’s undeniable that libertarians (many of whom are under the age of 40) are a big part of the GOP right now, so if Governor Chris Christie wants to win over young people in 2016 (and let’s face it… he’s running until we hear otherwise!), then indulging Paul for a beer sometime after this November wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Far from it. It might actually prove critical to reforging a coalition that’s seen better days since it’s birth in the Goldwater era and its height during the Reagan years.

I’m hoping it happens.

4 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping Rand & Chris Meet

  1. I cannot stand this infighting anymore, it´s destroying the party. At this rate, a Republican won´t see the White House for another 12 years. Rand is NOT always right, as proven with his erroneous statement on NJ being a "take" State. So-called "conservatives" tend to be on a level of radicalism, just as the liberals of the Democratic Party. Cut the crap and come to an agreement.

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