Pallone: Gay Stereotypes OK for Good Cause!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone is having a contest with himself, Save Jerseyans, to see whether he can successfully utter increasingly dumb sh*t during each succeeding cable television appearance.

The latest unbelievable outburst from the representative of NJ06?

Telling this CNBC anchor that “whatever it takes” to sell Obamacare to consumers is A-OKAY with him… including peddling gay stereotypes with taxpayer dollars..


We already knew they’d do whatever it takes to save this mess of a law including tell us we could keep our plans when, in fact, we couldn’t.

Then again, Frank might “prejudge the type of ads” that he’s spending our money to broadcast if he wasn’t also one of the legislation’s architects; if it fails, then there isn’t much else to be said for his time in Congress.

5 thoughts on “Pallone: Gay Stereotypes OK for Good Cause!

  1. @Paul "Anything" to sell Obamacare is okay? Including lying about the terms of coverage? And using offensive/crude ads to push it? And you have to ask what the problem is with it? Seriously?

  2. the problem with Matt Rooney is he just makes these outlandish comments and broad remarks about Jersey Dems without ever backing it up with fact. Wheres the facts Matt???????

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