200+ Days In, Staying Alive is Helping Christie

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

George_Washington_Bridge,_HAER_NY-129-8Back in January I wrote an article in Matt Rooney’s Save Jersey about Bridgegate jumping the shark, the witch hunt launched by Democrats trying to discredit Gov. Chris Christie by connecting him with scandal surrounding allegedly politically-motivated Fort Lee lane closures.

And guess what, Save Jerseyans? In all the months since the scandal broke (202 days since the legendary marathon presser), the Governor has in no way been connected with any knowledge of what transpired, try as they might Democrats have not been able to connect the dots. You would think with all the testimony, all the meetings, all the questions, and all of the people who testified, that one individual would have cracked under the pressure and said it was the Governor who ordered the lane closings…. had it really gone down like that.

New Jersey legislature’s special committee investigating the lane closures has failed to produce one iota of evidence that the Governor had any direct knowledge of what transpired at the George Washington Bridge prior to when he said he knew. For all of his peacock strutting and posturing, Bridgegate chair Assemblyman John “the Wiz” Wisniewski hasn’t managed to pin a single tail feather on Christie’s lapel.

I shared my assumptiong back in January that “[f] Christie wasn’t known before (and there were already precious few who hadn’t heard his name), with all the publicity surrounding the lane closures, his name is now as universally known nationwide as ‘Clinton,’ ‘Bush’ or ‘Obama…’” 

“Should Christie get past the bridge issue unscathed, he will be a top pick for the GOP since his name recognition as a tough and likable governor in one of the key states in the country will be in the forefront. If they do not find the smoking gun they are looking for, they just may have helped elect the next President of the United States by immunizing him against future character attacks.”

Thanks to the Wiz”, Dawn Zimmer, and the rest of the ‘Witch pack’ Committee chairs, Governor Christie has come back stronger than the storm

Sometimes negative publicity is the best exposure, especially when you can get your opponents to spend funds out of their own coffers to discredit you. What better ways to get your name in front of the voters than to have your adversaries promote it for you?

In a recent CNN polling, Chris Christie is back on top of the potential Republican presidential candidates. The same poll results also confirm voters’ buyers’ remorse with their decision to reelect President Barack Obama. Christie’s household name recognition among base voters is now on par with Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry and Paul Ryan . . .  with Perry and Christie having the largest lead.

The longer the investigation continues without any tangible results, public interest will wane as people will tire of a lane closing, and the only thing that will stick in the back of the voters’ minds is the name ‘Chris Christie’. That, and how uber-liberal Trenton Democrats and Barack Obama’s Justice Department tried to take him down but failed.

Voters will focus on the important issues that Christie would face as President, and the challenges he’s tackling here at home, since most of the rest of the country could care less about a lane closing on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Although most polls show Hillary Clinton currently nursing a modest a lead over Christie, I would think the public’s views on Benghazi will trump Bridgegate IF Republicans hold her accountable with the right type of campaign. Again, a big factor in the polls is the Clinton name’s recognition (not so much her views, past job approval or personal likability), and the more the Governor gets his name on the map, his climb will eventually find him on equal footing with her.

A lot can go wrong, too. No doubt about it. But there’s also plenty of time for Chris Christie to make a go of this thing for the reasons set forth above. There are, after all, 831 days until Election 2016 and almost anything can happen.


5 thoughts on “200+ Days In, Staying Alive is Helping Christie

  1. The same could be said for Obama and the IRS scandal. I favor investigating BOTH scandals and getting to the truth on BOTH of them because those who are responsible for BOTH scandals should be fired and prosecuted. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  2. @Joe I’m a little less bullish than Joe, and I agree that the U.S. Attorney needs to finish his work, but there’s one huge difference between this and Obama’s scandals: scale. And it’s not an insignificant distinction in my mind. No one got hurt at the G.W. How many folks have been audited, killed, betrayed or otherwise injured and harmed by the Obama Administration’s many misdeeds?

  3. Well, sure, the scale is smaller, but then, Christie’s henchmen only had access to the Port Authority and they abused it. Makes you wonder if they’d have abused the IRS if they had access to it the same way Obama has.

    And I was only speaking of the IRS scandal, not all of the others, which have, in some cases, gotten people killed.

  4. I believe the govenor DID. Release who was responsible imeadiately after he became aware of the situation, whereas the president acted long past and only because of public outcry. I dont think people getting stuck on a bridge and being inconvienienced equates to groups being targeted due to their political affiliations or people losing their lives. But if you were to watch the news or read the papers the first half of these 200 days you’d think otherwise.

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