UPDATE: Feds deny existence of new Christie criminal probe

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

How sad is it when MSNBC needs to throw cold water on a Chris Christie scandal rumor, Save Jerseyans?

Reports of a new alleged federal criminal probe emerged this week, reported by the International Business Times, surrounding the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office.

The rub: it’s not true.

“Any characterization that we are investigating the Governor about this is just not true … . [W]e talk to people all the time,” the U.S. Attorney’s office told Rachel Maddow’s program. “It doesn’t mean we’re investigating anybody.” It’s rare for the feds to confirm an investigation; it’s even more rare for them to flatly say NO, we’re not investigating at this time. So there you go.

Moreover, Ben Barlyn, the guy who got sacked, told MSNBC that “I’ve never characterized this as a full-blown investigation.” That’s a BIG walk back, per public reports.

And just FYI, for context: the Hunterdon Prosecutor’s Office was a MESS in the days leading up to the alleged events forming the center of this latest tale. It smacks of what Rick Perry dealt with in Travis County. Avoid rushes to judgment here…

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Feds deny existence of new Christie criminal probe

  1. It is no different than Pallone going around all last summer saying at any moment the Feds were going to issue indictments against Christie over Sandy Funds and Bridgegate. NEITHER came to be but it was all over the news. Facts don’t matter today, because once it is out on social media everyone repeats it and accepts it as fact.

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