Save Jersey Poll: How will the Christie 2016 campaign play out?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The surest sign yet that Christie 2016 is moving forward? The Governor’s beloved wife and family breadwinner, Mary Pat Christie, just quit her high-paying Wall Street job but didn’t take a new one. That and, last week, he told Jimmy Fallon over ice cream to expect a decision in May or June.

You’ve been following this guy far longer than the national pundit class, Save Jerseyans.

How will it all end?

How will the Christie 2016 campaign play out?

Aborted on the launch pad – Fox News contract to follow!
He won’t make it to (or through) Iowa…
Done after New Hampshire.
He can go deep, at least through Super Tuesday, with Langone behind him…
Will win the nomination but he can’t beat Hilldawg.
Hail to the Chief!

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5 thoughts on “Save Jersey Poll: How will the Christie 2016 campaign play out?

  1. He doesn’t have a choice, it’s run now or wait another 8 plus years. If Hilary wins that whitehouse will be on lock down. If another republican wins, he can’t really unseat the incumbent. And by the time 8 years passes he most likely won’t be governer anymore, so his political voice will shrink amongst the noise of new comers. But he is young enough to wait it out.

  2. Christie blew his chances…..put a muslim in as a state judge and made nice with obama during Sandy. Bye bye traitor.

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