Milking the taxpayers: Trenton’s newest proposed regulation targets something that doesn’t exist

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Fiscal crisis? What fiscal crisis?

BreastfeedingYou’d think Trenton’s politicians would at least pretend to take their jobs seriously at a time when the state is having trouble meeting its basic obligations, but when you’re a crazy ideologue or vicious partisan, Save Jerseyans, restraint is easier discussed than practiced.

We saw it when Ray Lesniak pushed for a ban on pig crating that doesn’t happen in New Jersey.

This week? A bill sponsored by South Jersey Democrat Machine Assemblywomen Pamela Lampitt and Gabriela M. MosqueraA1858, passed through the Assembly’s Women and Children Committee. It’s goal? To regulate so-called breast milk “sharing” via “milk banks” in New Jersey.


Stop wasting our time, ladies. New Jersey has plenty of problems, most of them your party’s own creation. We don’t need to invent/imagine/fabricate new ones. We need politicians willing and able to solve the problems already in existence. If that’s not you, than please do us all a favor and consider a new career.

Anthony Bucco’s bill limiting the introduction of new bills is making more sense all of the time, but there’s naturally no substitute for electing folks who are up to the task of governing.


7 thoughts on “Milking the taxpayers: Trenton’s newest proposed regulation targets something that doesn’t exist

  1. And, is someone surprised? It costs $ to have a bill drawn up. These people are lining up emotional issues to use at election time. Do not be fooled.

  2. A bill to reduce legislative bills ? How about a bill to reduce my/our house bills like reducing
    property taxes ? Like cut spending on double dipping a mind more contribution on the free retiree healthcare for union members and more contribution ton pensions then the lousy 11.92%they pay now?????? We are waiting and losing our patience !!!

  3. Correct. They need to go home and work a real job. Politics should be part time, no pension, no health care…

  4. Gd forbid that someone actually tries to get in front of the issues! Milk banks are gaining more and more popularity among mothers and this needs to be regulated. The purpose of this bill is to be able to provide licensure for future breast milk banks- so that New Jersey can have them… *sigh*

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