Christie issues “full and free” pardon for Steffon Josey-Davis

Christie issues “full and free” pardon for Steffon Josey-Davis

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here’s some good news to start your week, Save Jerseyans:

Steffon Josey-Davis has received a pardon from Governor Chris Christie.

Steffon Josey-Davis during an NRA interview.
Steffon Josey-Davis during an NRA interview.

Nice! You’ll recall that this gentleman (picture right during an interview) was a New Jersey security guard who accidentally left a LEGAL firearm – emphasis on the word “legal” here – in his vehicle’s glove box. The end result? A felony conviction and shattered dreams.

But no more. Click here to view the pardon issued on Monday morning.

This isn’t Governor Christie’s first act of mercy in the gun control arena as the top official in one of America’s most oppressively anti-2A states.

Most recently, he pardoned another victim of the state’s gun laws (specifically the sinister and unconstitutional Graves Act), Philadelphia mother-of-two Shaneen Allen, back in April. In 2010, Christie commuted the sentence of Brian Aitken, a man convicted of illegally possessing three handguns which were legally (there’s the word again) purchased in Colorado.


9 thoughts on “Christie issues “full and free” pardon for Steffon Josey-Davis

  1. The laws are discriminatory, and unconstitutional. If you read all of the amendments, it is the only one that has stipulations put on it. Imagine if you did that with a women’s right to vote?? Who could be free?? No, anyone that wants to defend themselves is a victim of criminality assigned to doing so. I have a house in pa, can legally carry if I so chose, never an issue. In New Mexico, where we have property, again, no issues. Here, criminals can get a gun, but you, not so easy. Funny thing, Sweeny had four cops at his house during a protest, so you get that treatment? No, therefore you are not afforded the same rights to protection. Is your life, or your loved ones lives less important? I would say not, but maybe to you it doesn’t matter. Now here is how whacky nj laws get, I can go buy 10 high powered rifles, but have to wait to buy one handgun. Criminals will always get a weapon. Of not a gun, pressure cooker, knife, or baseball bat. More people according to fbi statistics are killed with a hammer, than a rifle, yet you ask for no permit for that. That is just one reason I do not buy into why liberals really want gun control. But here is one more fact. Far more people are killed by malpractice every year, but doctors are rarely prosecuted, and in many cases are allowed to continue in practice. They may pay out on their malpractice insurance, but in the long run, we all pay for that. Yet no outrage there. My point, far more people are killed in other manners, yet we do nothing to change things that can change many lives.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Christie, but he has done some commendable things in the 2nd Amendment area. Just get rid of these draconian gun laws. BOTH parties are at fault on this issue…..

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