Long-time Democrat abandons Hornik in fierce Marlboro contest

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Is the tide turning against Democrats in a key Monmouth community?

Former Marlboro Democrat Club President Patrick Kelly made waves this week when he endorsed a Republican, John Dwyer, in this year’s hotly-contested municipal race:


The News Transcript op-ed was years in the making.

Sources in Marlboro tell Save Jersey that Kelly and Mayor Jon Hornik used to be close (Kelly ran his first campaign) but the two had a gradual falling out. Kelly is also friendly with Dwyer so, when Kelly attended a fundraiser for Dwyer and Hornik called him to complain after years of no contact, Kelly had had enough.

Who could blame him?

The Marlboro race pits Republican mayoral hopeful Ira Goldberg and his council running mates, Sui Allex and Dwyer, against the entrenched Hornik-led Democrat status quo team.

For a little more background on Dwyer specifically, here’s an interview which I conducted back around the 9/11 anniversary; John worked in Building #5 and had a breathtaking (and life-changing) first-hand experience of the terror attack.