Fleeceless Christie confronts monster blizzard (and defends himself by trashing Corzine)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Snow and wind is battering all reaches of the Garden State as I’m writing this post, Save Jerseyans, the 17th snow emergency of the Christie Administration’s tenure, but this particular potentially-historic blizzard is a little different for having arrived in the middle of a presidential primary campaign’s 11th hour. So when Governor Christie took to a podium last night in Newark to discuss storm preparations, he had the appearance of a tired but well-briefed businessman ready to punch through a boorish corporate meeting after a long flight.

No blue fleece; red power tie. Didn’t even recognize him…

Unsurprisingly, most of the questions had absolutely nothing to do with what the Governor openly discussed to be, in his opinion, a significant but other unremarkable storm relative to some of the other weather he’s seen over the past six years (the fun starts at 24:40):

Note: there has been ONE locally-ordered mandatory evacuation in Barnegat.

He’s not wrong about Corzine by the way. Old Jon was cheating the N.J. taxpayer long before he was losing farmers’ money. Christie may not have the best attendance record but yeah, we’ve been through worse. 

Of course, Governor Christie’s snow-induced Jersey reunion tour doesn’t mean the campaign has stopped rolling. Hardly. And while he may not be in New Hampshire, Governor Christie will be calling into just about every major network on Saturday (including Fox News). Then he’s off to tour an NJDOT facility in Woodbridge and a fire station in Sayreville.

Looking for substantive information from the state?

Click here to find the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management on Facebook and over here for its Twitter page. Lots of stuff and some important updates, too.


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