Welcome Home! Trenton Democrats waste no time sticking it to former candidate Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

He hasn’t been home 24 hours, Save Jerseyans, and he doesn’t even have a public schedule today, but the Trenton Democrats will waste no time resuming their favorite pastime: Christie bashing.

It’s not so much out of hatred but a strategy born of political necessity: just like back in 2013 when he was a popular reelection candidate and half of the legislative Democrats were eager to be seen with him on mailers, now that he’s hated by voters, New Jersey Democrat politicians are fully ready to run against him in 2017 up-and-down the ballot. That’s what Bridgegate was all about.

Chris Christie, Stephen M. SweeneyFirst up for 2017 GOTV: minimum wage referendum.

Next: Sandy.

So on a related note, on Thursday (today) at 10:00 a.m., the State Senate Legislative Oversight committee chaired by Bob Gordon (D-Fair Lawn) will scrutinize $15 million in federal funds which New Jersey secured from the National Disaster Resiliency Competition. Why? New Jersey originally sought $300 million for flood control in a competition for Housing and Urban Development Department flood relief grants. New York wanted $176 million and recouped $36 million, so the implication is that someone in the Administration screwed up like way back when during the 2010 ‘Race to the Top’ snafu.

HUD Secretary Julian Castro has gone a record alleging that New Jersey had “submitted a weaker application on several measures.” Castro is also a Clinton endorser and a likely vice presidential candidate for her. Connect the dots! Most political hits in New Jersey from the D side of the aisle can be traced back to Clinton World.

Why do they care? Again, it ain’t about Chris Christie at this point. None of this has anything to do with solving the many flaws in our state’s disaster response mechanisms (and they exist – no doubt about it).

It’s all about hanging his tainted aura on the 2017 GOP gubernatorial nominee. It’s why I’ve been shouting at the wall for years that we can’t work with these people. No one listens and we keep getting our asses kicked. Hint hint!


11 thoughts on “Welcome Home! Trenton Democrats waste no time sticking it to former candidate Christie

  1. I completely agree with this – I had long said that Bridgegate was a witch hunt to destroy Christie’e popularity. I think however it was first to destroy his presidential ambitions because the moment that Christie had over taken Hillary in a poll – that was the moment the Democrats started screaming about Bridgegate. I do think the added benefit was to secure the democrat run for the governorship – it is also why they were screaming for him to resign if he was going to run.

    If he resigned – Kim Guadagno would have been Acting Governor until a special election was set up the following November. It would have given the Democrats the chance to recapture the governorship a year earlier. As it stands – they are just waiting out Christie. We still even have NJ Supreme Court vacancies because they REF– USE to have any hearings on any nominees going back all the way to Christie’s first term.

    In addition to New Jersey getting screwed over with the flood relief grant – New Jersey also got screwed over when it came to federal funds after Sandy. While Naw Yawk and New Jersey had similar damage – New Jersey received HALF the money that Naw Yawk did.

  2. Great gotta listen to Sweeney the traitor, Sarlo the crook, who’s up Sweeney’s butt waiting for him to move on and that dip s*** Loretta ALLL starting in again.

  3. Rooney
    Your deserve as much blame as the rest of the media. The trolls will all be pinning their hopes on a “D” becoming the next Gov. There will be all kinds of promises made. So the last one left in NJ that pays taxes, please turn off the lights!

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