Steven Fulop, his 30-hour mandate and the Democrat Primary that might destroy N.J.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

In the same month that Trenton Democrats pushed a proposal to seize control of private employers’ employee work schedules (!), Jersey City’s Steve Fulop is once again trying to one-up his 2017 Democrat primary rivals with a bold new proposal.

We’ll get back to his motivation, and what it means for the rest of us, in a moment….

Hope you haven’t eaten much yet today? The proposal, slated to be considered by Jersey City Council on Wednesday night, would require certain private Jersey City employers to provide a minimum 30-hour work week for their employees. So Jersey City’s small businesses might have no control over the days OR the hours their employees work in the very near future.

“Mayor Fulop and the City Council have gone too far this time,” Americans for Prosperity state director Erica Jedynak said in a statement. “They have no right to tell employers how to run their business like this and it’s time someone called them out for their divisive, bullying tactics.”

Of course, this latest move goes beyond bullying or even socialism. It’s government control of private industry.

My proposed RU mascot

It’s communism.

It’s also the new norm for a radicalized New Jersey Democrat Party that going to be pulled further and further to the Left as Fulop, his chief rival Steve Sweeney, obligatory Goldman Sachs nerd entry Phil Murphy, and some wildcard second-tier types like Ray Lesniak and John Wisniewski compete for the radical wing’s primary votes.

Of course, assuming the Dems win back Drumthwacket in 2017 (given how things are going state-wide and nationally, that’s not an unfair assumption for the purposes of this discussion), the victor will have trouble PAYING for all of the free crap and crazy stuff they’re promising to the Big Labor unions and Bernie Sanders crowd. They destroyed the state pension system buying off the same people. Our buddy Jay Webber recently explained how they’re already planning new borrowing and taxation to boost the transportation trust fund.

Senate President Sweeney has undergone the most dramatic transformation particularly on the gun control front. He’s a pre-op trans-commie. I think that’s the proper term? And he’ll vote to let a Bengal tiger use your bathroom if it’ll win him the State House annex office.

In any event, this is going to be the most expensive pissing contest of our lives, folks. That much is clear.

And it’s one that might drive the rest of us to look for greener, less-taxed pastures in other states. Get your go-bags ready!


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  1. When the state thinks it knows more than the business person and decides to impose killing measures on businesses maybe its time for businesses to move away into a friendlier climate. This proposal shows that the NJ Democrats are no more than common criminals who need to be sent packing.

  2. I remember growing up in NJ I would see businesses opening up regularly. Now it’s nothing but closings and vacancies. Revisit the old policies and end the new ones that drive businesses out. The state is reliant on personal income and sales tax so everyone needs an employer in order to pay those taxes. Give up the corporate tax revenue for a lower franchise tax rate. Don’t force combined reporting or the big companies headquartered here will move south. Doesn’t take a genius to run this state right.

  3. Lie down with dogs and you will get up with fleas, G0Pe D0pes. You shackled your sorry asses to this sinking ship…now drown with it.

  4. “Doesn’t take a genius to run this state right.”

    Which pretty much excludes all Progressives and almost all Democrats, Marco.

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