Democrats’ brand new gas tax hike plan still sucks for New Jersey

Steve Sweeney

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

PolitickerNJ was first to report a short time ago that Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, the legislature’s Democrat overlords, have reached a new accommodation on a plan to replenish New Jersey’s transportation trust fund.

You’ll recall that Chris Christie began halting state-funded projects after a deal wasn’t reached by July 1st.

Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris) did a fine job of summarizing the new plan’s merits (or lack thereof) on Facebook after the deal was announced:

Pretty similar to what the Senate once proposed, and a lot better than a sales tax cut. But still a massive tax increase, huge borrowing, and precisely zero efforts to rein in obscene spending which benefits only powerful special interests at the expense of the taxpayers. Still a solid NO.”

I can’t add much to that, Save Jerseyans!

A 23-cent gas tax bump and massive new debt (translation: future tax hikes!) in exchange for… the promise of a phased-out estate tax over 3 1/2 years? When a Democrat governor like Sweeney could easily reverse course?

Prieto has already ADMITTED that was likely to happen.

Enough B.S. Cut the damn budget now. Address highest-in-the-nation road costs.

Do your job before you make our lives any more expensive!


Matt Rooney
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