LD2 DEMOCRAT MESS: Armato (Finally) Wins But Coursey Won’t Drop Out

The hits keep on coming for Atlantic County Democrats, Save Jerseyans!

On Tuesday night, Committeeman John Armato (D-Buena Vista Township) prevailed over Freeholder Ernest Coursey, 89-67, for the right to run alongside Vince Mazzeo this June.

There’s a catch. Radio Host Harry Hurley reports that while Armato won (but only on the fourth ballot), Coursey will run off-the-line against Assemblyman Mazzeo and Armato.

It’s just another in growing string of headaches for LD2 Democrats after South Jersey machine leaders decided Mazzeo should drop his senate bid in favor of Colin Bell rather than get his butt kicked in November by Republican Chris Brown. The ensuing Atlantic Democrat convention failed to endorse a running mate for Mazzeo and, apparently, tonight’s second vote failed to produce unity.

Republicans are fielding Vince Sera and Brenda Taube.


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