A bunch of things that kill more Americans than guns

Time out for actual #facts as the post-Vegas shooting gun control push continues:

More Americans are struck by lightning every year (!) than are killed in mass shootings. 3 or 4-times as many. 

So if savings lives is your goal? Call your Congressman and ask him or her to put up a bill banning walking/swimming outside during thunderstorms. Swimming, by the way, is also more dangerous than mass shootings: nearly 400 U.S. kids drown in pools every year.

If gun crimes are your specific concern? Okay. Much-discussed gun control measures wouldn’t have stopped any of the recent shootings, so avoiding living in major metropolitan areas run by Democrats (762 murders in Chicago for 2016 versus 71 mass shooting deaths that same year nation-wide, and I even used the far-left website Mother Jones’s numbers for good measure) is your best bet to escape the televised carnage.

It’s really that simple. You’re not missing something. Because #math.

Here are a few more/additional/elaborated upon things which kill more Americans than guns if you need the extra data to make yourself feel smart (per the CDC):

  • Heart disease: 633,842
  • Cancer: 595,930
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 155,041
  • Accidents: 146,571
  • Stroke: 140,323
  • Alzheimer’s: 110,561
  • Diabetes: 79,535
  • Influenza/Pneumonia: 57,062
  • Kidney conditions: 49,959
  • Suicide: 44,193

Gun deaths? Annually? 33,000.

There’s also overlap because, of those 33,000, only 12,000 are homicides. The rest are suicides. Things get even less scary when you isolate “random” gun crimes versus those that relate to gang violence.

In 2011? Despite all of the hysteria over “assault” weapons? Knives, clubs, hammers, “hands and feet,” etc., collectively killed far more Americans than rifles.

Hysteria is, OF COURSE, the true, ancient enemy of all free peoples, Save Jerseyans.

Guns can’t hold a candle to the havoc wrought on human minds, and nerves, by the political and media elites’ self-serving emotional manipulation.

All life is precious. Yes! Every life matters. Very much so. The Constitution is not a death pact. Agreed. But guess what? The rule of law suffers whenever we legislate by exception, particularly in the wake of wall-to-wall cable news coverage of a tragedy which lays waste to perspective. 71 deaths is 71 too many; we dishonor those lives lost if we deprive 330 million living Americans of their fundamental rights on the basis of bad informationRepublics don’t fall because of a few deranged individuals. They fall when the sane start behaving like the deranged and forget what made the republic great to begin with. 

Deep breaths, folks. Deep breaths….  


Matt Rooney
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