Legal action threatened over notorious Super PAC’s slanderous LD2 TV spot

Legal action threatened over notorious Super PAC’s slanderous LD2 TV spot

The General Majority PAC — backed by powerful bosses, unions, and a former Harry Reid staffer and providing cover for machine Democrats — is on the move again this cycle, Save Jerseyans, and throwing bombs at Republicans in swing New Jersey legislative districts.

Some of you may recall that this is the group for which Alec Baldwin headlined a $5 million fundraiser in Camden County earlier this year. Now all of that elitist treasure is being put to use on the streets and airwaves through November 7th.

One of this year’s innocent victims?

Brigantine Councilman and LD2 Assembly candidate Vince Sera.

The General Majority PAC is hitting the father, husband, and Jersey Shore realtor over the head with a new TV spot alleging that he “made [property taxes] even higher.” Unfortunately, the claim can’t even be explained away as typical political “spin” or an artful exaggeration since the municipal property tax levy DECREASED by $900,000 during Sera’s three year tenure on Brigantine Council.

Vince Sera

And it gets better: the deceitful ad also features a photo of Sera with his arm around the unpopular Governor Chris Christie that doesn’t actually exists… it’s a photoshop.

The challenger is steaming over the slander. 

“The same group that spent millions to try and smear the reputation of a combat veteran like Chris Brown is now coming after me with a blatantly dishonest attack,” said Sera in a statement released at the end of last week. “Either Mazzeo’s and Armato’s cronies can’t do simple math, or the truth simply doesn’t matter to them, but the fact of the matter is that the municipal property tax levy is significantly lower today than it was when I took office in 2015.  Their ad is a lie, plain and simple.”

It’s so blatant that Republicans are actually weighing legal action. New Jersey Republican State Committee legal counsel Doug Steinhardt sent this letter to Comcast Spotlight demanding the advertisement’s removal from the airwaves.

Sera and his running mate, former Margate Commissioner Brenda Taube, are challenging Democrats Vince Mazzeo and John Armato in this year’s Atlantic County-contained contest headlined by State Senate hopefuls Chris Brown (R) and Colin Bell (D) who are competing for the late Jim Whelan’s open seat. Brown is considered the front runner for his race; observers are watching to see if he can pull Sera and Taube across the finish line, too, notwithstanding a tough overall environment for Republicans throughout the Garden State.