Christie polling at 0%, less popular than Kamala in POLITICO poll

Chris Christie is receiving legacy media attention for his recent condemnations of ex-ally Donald Trump, but it isn’t translating into public support.

A pre-Thanksgiving POLITICO poll (click here) found Christie failing to register at least 1% support in a poll of hypothetical 2024 GOP presidential nominees.

Only 3 of 849 respondents (or 0.03%) named him as their choice in two years; 18% didn’t know who he was.

His personal favorability (21%) rating is also lower than that of Vice President Kamala Harris (40%) and Elon Musk (36%) among others.

The POLITICO finding is consistent with other recent survey results which suggest that Christie’s chance of running successfully for national office is non-existent; any comeback would likely need to come in the form of an appointment to federal or party office by someone else.

Matt Rooney
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