The Aftermath: Ten Big Takeaways

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While the final results (and control of Congress) remain in doubt at this hour there are some clear conclusions we can draw about the election based on what we know now. Here are the ten big ones:

1) Stalemate
The country remains deeply divided. We are effectively deadlocked. The situation is dire precisely because it has dragged on for what seems like an interminable period of time. The definitive break in the logjam that we were hoping for has not occurred.

2) Cold feet
Voters said again and again that they wanted Republicans in control of Congress. They repeated it in poll after poll. But when the Big Moment came, too many votes wimped out. It seems they simply couldn’t cross that threshold. The issues clearly favored the GOP but in the end fear won out over logic.

3) Fear of Trump
Call it a fear of Trump or a fear on authoritarianism or a fear of radical nationalism or a fear of democracy in peril. Whatever you call it, the Democrats successfully spooked enough voters into thinking the sky was falling and the world as they knew it would come to an end if they voted Republican. Translation: this was not a good night for Trump and his brand of all out, go for broke politics. People seem to want to move on.

4) The top of the ticket matters
DeSantis. Abbott. Kemp. DeWine. These strong GOP candidates (all incumbents) helped bring in Republicans down ballot. And although Kemp might not have pulled Walker past the 50 percent mark, a runoff remains likely. With Kemp’s help and the elimination of the Libertarian candidate, Walker may still prevail. And, sadly at the top of that Pennsylvania ballot, Shapiro’s huge win helped Fetterman and hurt Oz.

5) DeSantis. DeSantis. DeSantis.
This guy’s landslide win last night makes him the GOP’s new Rock Star. There’s something inevitable about Ron DeSantis. And, if he’s smart, he won’t wait to begin to make his moves toward the presidency. Timing is everything and his moment is now!

6) Florida and Ohio
Not very long ago these two states were considered pivotal tossups. No more. After last night you can place them quite securely in the Republican column. This is one of the big uncovered stories of the night.

7) Lee Zeldin
Though he didn’t win the New York gubernatorial race he actually performed remarkably well. And, here’s the thing: his big numbers appear to have flipped several New York congressional seats from blue to red. That’s impressive and it tells us that Zeldin has a bright future. Who knows? Maybe this former congressman will wind up in Washington again in the DeSantis Administration.

8) J. D. Vance
A bright new GOP star. Serious. Articulate. Compelling. An outstanding communicator with a story that’s both astonishing and inspiring. He’s definitely tapped into something. Pay attention to this guy!

9) O’Rourke. Abrams. Demings.
Mammoth sums of money were dumped on this hapless trio — again! Both O’Rourke and Abrams have now charted their third loss. Yet people continue to back them. And Demings also manages to pop up again and again. They’re sort of like bad actors who keep getting roles because they have good agents. But their shows still flop and drag others down with them.

10) Tom Kean Jr.
It’s great to have the Kean name back in prominence in Jersey politics once again. And Kean’s flip of a key congressional seat means the garden state now has three GOP members of Congress. We couldn’t be happier for both Tom Keans. This family has served our state responsibly and Kean’s victory opens a bright new chapter in a lustrous legacy.

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