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Who should lead the BCRO in 2016 and beyond?

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Bob Yudin hasn’t even announced whether he’s seeking another term as BCRO chairman, Save Jerseyans, but our sources report that he was working the phones this past week. A dismissal showing for Read More

Things Just Got Very Real (Again) in Bergen County

This afternoon, Freeholders Maura DeNicola and Robert Hermansen called an atypical presser at the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute in Mahwah. The topic? What they’ve graphically described as “a disgusting abuse of power on behalf of political bosses of Bergen County” Read More

@JamesGBeattie Reports From Round 2 of Bergen’s GOP Chairman Vote (PHOTO)

It’s a MUCH more subdued atmosphere tonight at the BCRO Hall in Hackensack, Save Jerseyans. That’s because we’re down to the wire in the increasingly nasty, twisting and turning race war between the Yudin Camp and Team Rottino. Tonight’s run-off Read More

BCRO UPDATE: Yudin Endorses McCann’s Plan? But McCann Stops Short of Endorsing Yudin?

Bergen Republican committee members will head to the BCRO (again) this Thursday evening to select between Anthony Rottino and Bob Yudin for the chairmanship. After his elimination from this increasingly-nasty contest last week, former candidate John McCann said he wouldn’t Read More

Why Good People Don’t Get Into Politics

Remember back in April when Kathe Donovan, Bergen County’s tough-as-nails county executive, threw down and fired seven members of the notorious Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority? Well, Save Jerseyans, it seems Donovan has hit a legal snag. The Bergen County Read More