Christie in Morristown: Let’s Debate, Cory!

Christie in Morristown: Let’s Debate, Cory!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Photo credit: @NJGOP/@JeffBell2014
Photo credit: @NJGOP/@JeffBell2014

The Bridgegate-embattled New Jersey Republican establishment opted out of taking an active role in the 2014 U.S. Senate primary, Save Jerseyans, a move which allowed the politically-savvy Reagan campaign veteran Jeff Bell to manufacture an upset victory on the June ballot.

It’s been all uphill from there

But you’d never know it Monday morning at the Morristown Diner where Governor Christie, in full campaign mode ahead of another two-day out-of-state RGA swing, once again stood side-by-side with Bell and laid into his fair weather friend Cory Booker (D-Twitter) for consenting to only one debate.

“He’s got time now. There are still fourteen days,” Gov. Christie said. “I’m sure there are plenty of people who could step forward and sponsor a debate and add debates to the current schedule, and I call on the Senator to do that.”

This Saturday, October 25th, the League of Women Voters will sponsor the only debate between Bell and Booker, broadcast via WPVI-TV Philadelphia and WABC-TV New York. ‘Cause Saturday is the best time for a debate that people will actually watch… [sarcasm]

The Governor, who has headlined two fundraisers for the Bell campaign in recent weeks, demurred when asked by reporters to weigh in on Bell’s controversial Gold Standard push, preferring instead to focus on their many commonalities. Bell continues to receive criticism for harping on monetary policy rather than, for example, then-Newark Mayor Booker’s potential role in the facts underling a recently-confirmed “Watershedgate” federal probe.

Refusing to take the bait, Christie insisted he and Bell agreed “a heck of a lot more” than he did with Senator Booker.

Booker is sitting on a 12.3-point lead in the RCP average; the most recent polling result showed Bell down but by only 9-points.


10 thoughts on “Christie in Morristown: Let’s Debate, Cory!

  1. Booker’s not afraid to debate Bell…Booker’s afraid to debate the independents.

    He can “nothing” Bell and win – and that seems to be his strategy – but he would never debate the others, LaVergne in particular.

    Like a fresh-cut Christmas Tree.

    No balls at all.

  2. There need to be more debates. As regards to the gold standard, it is the only proposal by anyone to unwind the fed policy of printing money almost without limit which is like a run away train that no one wants to jump off of or knows how to stop. I trust Steve Forbes’s economic knowledge and advice and he is a strong supporter of a new gold standard. Detractors like ex Gov Florio in a recent op ed in the Star Ledger make no sense. In one short article Florio says a gold standard would cause inflation and also says it would cause deflation.

  3. If we continue to print money we will have no choice to return to the Gold Standard. Matt do your research. The Avg GDP Growth per Year was greater by over 1% Percentage point in the forty years leading up to 1971 when Nixon suspended the gold Standard vs the forty years after. If we continued with the Gold standard in 1971 our economy would be worth over 8 Trillion Dollars more than it is today.

  4. @Roger I’m not defending our monetary policy. Far from it. The question is whether the Bell campaign’s messaging is helping or hurting his chances.

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