Christie: #2A Rights are “God-given” but “I can’t override the legislature”

Christie: #2A Rights are “God-given” but “I can’t override the legislature”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

This exchange from the Governor’s Tuesday town hall in Whippany should interest some of you, Save Jerseyans.

Asked by an attendee if he would try to help expand gun rights by executive order, Gov. Christie cited his recent vetoes of new gun control measures passed by the legislature but he then proceeded to delve a little deeper into his current views on the larger subject (I say current, btw, because it’s well known in N.J. political circles that he’s moved to the right on this issue over time).

Watch (via @ChasingRonica):

17 thoughts on “Christie: #2A Rights are “God-given” but “I can’t override the legislature”

  1. Always found this convoluted reasoning by the religious right synonymously comical and disturbing. They point to the Declaration of Independence and make this argument when the Declaration says nothing about a god that’s christian or otherwise and was penned by a man in Thomas Jefferson who despised christianity and religion as a whole. “Endowed by our creator” does not translate to, “God and Jesus will us to be free”. It’s complete and utter nonsense.

    Had Jefferson believed our rights came from a God, I’m sure that Jefferson would’ve mentioned one by name.

  2. I see some here are off topic. The #SecondAmendment is an enumerated Constitutional right. Recent SCOTUS case law says it applies to individuals, in states. New Jersey clearly violates a law abiding citizens right to bear arms, to the detriment of our safety. The FBI and CDC study commissioned by Obama draws no correlate between concealed carry by citizens and an increase in gun violence. Law abiding citizens are the victims of violent crime every day, and unable to defend themselves. What’s worse is that the criminals, who are already armed, know this. We’re sitting ducks. Our politicians are literally leaving us defenseless…. Pathetic state of affairs. The Governor, and the conglomerate of law enforcement should speak up so citizens know the truth.

  3. Justifiable need is admin code. Which he can direct the attorney general to change. The Attorney general then can pass the new code to the NJSP. He is full of crap again.

  4. A Weak Centrist/Statist response. He’s just covering his bases at New Jersey citizens expense not to antagonize the PAC money that comes from the various law enforcement union lobbyist .
    If he’s moving to the Right, where was he before the move ?
    Is there any real reason to vote Republican when all you get is a Angenda 21 Democrat?

    ” By Way of Deception”.

  5. Coward, it is never his fault. Will he ever lead when there is no money involved? Liberal Republicans like CC do not feel the need to protect the Constitution. He will not even protect our kids from Common Core. He blames that on the Feds as well. Good leaders lead and fight for the people of their state. All talk and no action. Just another empty suit with a big mouth and a big attitude.

  6. I don’t agree. Much of the tyranny is in the admin code which he can do something about. He doesn’t want to fix NJ gun laws…

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