If Bakke’s a bigot then so is Bill Maher. Right?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Former Save Jersey contributor and current LD18 Assembly candidate Synnove Bakke took a lot of heat for her politically-incorrect take on Islam and the immigration situation in Europe. I suppose that’s not the surprising part. What’s truly amazing is how a liberal can say the EXACT same thing, at almost the same time, and the most you’ll see in terms of a reaction is a silent shrug from the chattering class.

Take Bill Maher, the dry-witted and controversial talk show host, stand-up comedian, and unapologetic leftist. He dropped by the Charlie Rose Show earlier this month and laid into Islam, and Muslims, in language that’s arguably much stronger than anything Synnove said.

So go ahead and watch, liberal readers (we know you’re out there) and explain to me why he gets a pass but Synnove deserves to be flogged:

Maher’s Islam-skepticism isn’t anything new by any means. Last year, for example, he threw down with Ben Affleck over it.


5 thoughts on “If Bakke’s a bigot then so is Bill Maher. Right?

  1. She did not tweet radical Islam but Muslims! “When Norway decided to start deporting Muslims, crime went down. Sweden, Europe & America should take note” Muslims, Please take note and Please Do Not VOTE for her!

  2. Difference is, Bill Maher states facts about a radical religious ideology and backs them up with facts and statistics while Synnove Bakke is a hateful sociopath and has shown it numerous time with her vitriolic rhetoric.

    If she thinks that not having enough characters on Twitter to get her whole point across is a legitimate excuse for spewing this kind of garbage, then she’s an even uglier and more pathetic than I initially gave her credit for.

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