UPDATE: Union boss resigns after Westampton Democrat mailer fiasco

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

A five-alarm disaster for Democrats?

Less than twenty-four hours after we ran a story detailing mailbox hijinks in Westampton (Burlington County) this October, Save Jerseyans, a local union leader is resigning his post, apparently after member discontent exploded over their leader’s deceitful involvement in this year’s committee election according to Save Jersey‘s local sources.

Here’s the resignation letter we obtained, dated today (Friday October 30th), and authored by Dan “Danny” Norman, now the soon-to-be former president of IAFF Local 3091:


You can check out photos of the controversial mailer here which, to the causal observer (and most voters are unfortunately very causal about democracy) made it appear as if Westampton firefighters are endorsing the Democrats in an official capacity.

That’s clearly not the case, and now it’s looking like Norman’s tactics will backfire. Badly.

The hard-charging Republican slate of Abraham “Abe” Lopez and Maureen Smith-Hartman can count this one as a big win since all of this started when their campaign highlighted an alleged quid pro quo involving the local department and, ultimately, a story which led to the resignation of an incumbent Democrat candidate from this year’s ticket.


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Union boss resigns after Westampton Democrat mailer fiasco

  1. Obviously we know why you’re not a real reporter and stick to lying on blogs.
    Dan resigning has zero to do with Westampton.

  2. Just to make it clear, and the facts can be verified… Jason Carty did not apply for any of the Federal grants. If you look at the grants (they can be OPRAed) you will find that the township Administrator, Donna Ryan, was the person to apply for the grants. Jason Carty was listed only as a person who could answer questions. Even the awarding letters were sent to Ms. Ryan. The question is… why can’t Jason Carty apply for his own grants?

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