Paul joins freeholder fray in Bergen County

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Events continue to develop at a rapid clip in New Jersey’s most populous 2016 battlegrounf, Save Jerseyans.

dierdre paulAccording to The Bergen Dispatch, Save Jerseyans, Dierdre Paul has filed a letter of intent with BCRO Chairman Bob Yudin to seek a nomination for freeholder. 

Paul says her candidacy was catalyzed by Freeholder John Felice‘s decision to not seek reelection days before Sheriff Michael Saudino‘s decision to jump ship to the Democrat Party.

“I was truly hurt by the sight of Bergen County Freeholder Maura DeNicola standing alone, after being abandoned by her two running mates,” Paul explained in her letter.

A former Democratic municipal chairman from Englewood, she presently serves as a professor of education at Montclair State University. Dr. Paul unsuccessfully challenged Bill Pascrell as a Republican in 2014 after losing a three-way BCRO freeholder convention contest earlier that spring.


2 thoughts on “Paul joins freeholder fray in Bergen County

  1. Here’s the deal. “Save Jerseyans:” those of you who don’t actually fellate R00ney or the GOPe need to spend more time on websites not actively engaged in propping up the sagging – and ultimately dying – effort of the New Jersey GOPe to justify its pathetic existence.

    Do you understand what I’m saying, “Save Jerseyans?” You see, “Save Jerseyans,” it’s up to YOU, “Save Jerseyans,” to act like “Save Jerseyans” and actually save New Jersey, “Save Jerseyans.”

    So GO FOR IT, “Save Jerseyans.” (Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and snuggly inside knowing that Matt R00ney addresses you as “Save Jerseyans?”

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