N.J. Legislature Reaffirms Domestic Violence Victims’ Right to be Defenseless

Want to kill yourself? Or off your offspring?

No worries. The “progressive” N.J. Legislature is on your side.

But what if you’re a victim of domestic violence? Who recognizes that restraining orders are paper and the police can’t protect you 24/7? And therefore want to try to defend yourself by exercising your 2nd Amendment rights?

Tough shit.

New Jersey women have the right to pay taxes, abort their young, vote Democrat and, thanks to those same Democrats, violently die if confronted with deadly force by an ex-boyfriend or husband.

I’m not being melodramatic, Save Jerseyans. I’m assessing the current sorry state of affairs without a filter to protect anyone’s fragile feelings.

On Monday, while book deal drama and international events monopolized everyone’s collective attention, the legislature advanced SCR117, legislation designed to thwart Governor Chris Christie’s attempt to expand the definition of “justifiable need” and, in so doing, ease access to handguns for the victims who need them most. “Serious threats” is an easier standard to meet than existing legal hurdles for someone under direct threat of violence.

In April 2016, the Christie Administration specifically cited the case of Carol Bowne, a Gloucester County hairdresser murdered by her ex-boyfriend back in June 2015, to issue the news rules presently under assault by the legislative branch. Carol’s restraining order didn’t help, of course. He killed her while she was waiting in vain for the State Police to process her gun permit application.

Not angry yet?

Consider that the prime sponsor of the legislative effort here — State Senator Loretta Weinberg — once nearly had a kitten after Chris Christie called on the state media corps to take out a metaphorical “bat” on her, implying (correctly) that there was a double standard at work. Weinberg had been a vicious critic of Christie long before he deserved vicious criticism.

Irony and hypocrisy pancaked together in a soufflé of political horseshit, folks.

It’s time for some Republican woman in with a title to stand up, point a finger at Loretta & Co. and ask exactly whose side she’s on.

Is she really trying to ‘help’ women?

Or is she just another ideologue detached from reality and the very real suffering of the people she pretends to care about, all the while pursuing an indefensibly callous agenda?

The police can’t be everywhere. We already have extensive protections baked into our Domestic Violence laws including onerous weapons forfeiture processes and mandatory arrests.

Ask Carol’s loved ones whether any of it made a difference.

You and I already know the answer. Less-engaged New Jerseyans who stand to suffer from Loretta’s half-baked ideas need to be clued in, but it won’t happen until someone else besides yours truly speaks out. She’s a monster. People need to know before another Carol Bowne pays for it with her life.