Burlco GOP follows Steinhardt’s lead, prohibits NDAs for county-backed campaigns

MT. HOLLY, N.J. – The Burlington County Republican Party is responding affirmatively to NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt’s call to ban non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) on all state Republican campaigns.

“Female candidates, party leaders, campaign staff and volunteers make our party better and stronger. In return, these women deserve to feel safe and should never have to sign away that right. Today I join the NJGOP and Chairman Doug Steinhardt in banning the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in our campaigns, which could prevent women from reporting or publicly sharing accounts of sexual harrassment or abuse,” said Sean Earlen, Burlington County Republican Committee Chairman. “This behavior should never be tolerated and should always be called out and held to account. This ban would also extend to any candidates outside of the Burlington County Republican Committee seeking our endorsement. Women should never be silenced and perpetrators protected in the name of political expediency.”

The Murphy Administration is facing increasing scrutiny because of an NJ.com report on the sexual harassment culture dominating Trenton power circles. Murphy’s transition demanded that women sign NDA agreements; the practice was brought into the spotlight after ex-Murphy volunteer Katie Brennan accused a Murphy Administration loyalist of sexual assault.

Steinhardt is expected to leave his NJGOP post at some point later this year and launch a 2021 gubernatorial campaign.