What Jon Bramnick’s new TV ad doesn’t tell you

State Senator Jon Bramnick (R-21) fancies himself the “funniest lawyer in New Jersey,” a claim that’s veracity is, I suppose, somewhat subjective.

To each their own…

In any event, Bramnick leaned into his desired branding in a new TV ad first reported by the NJ Globe on Wednesday titled “Balance in Government.” The Westfield legislator is featured on a comedy club stage at the start of a stand-up routine pushing back against audience hecklers from “the Right” (one of whom is dressed like the QAnon Shaman) and the Left (demanding higher taxes and the release of prisoners). The not-so-subtle message? As Bramnick himself croaks at the end of the ad, “We don’t need extremists running the state of New Jersey, or our national  government.”

Where to begin with this one?

Let’s start with the obvious issue: while his adept fundraising and incumbent advantages power help him to reelection in LD21, there’s no evidence that an appetite exists for his “let’s all be friends” message anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Attend a local school board meeting. Americans are divided, and the center continues to shrink. That progression is reflected in candidate choice. The incumbent Democrat president (Joe Biden) is objectively far-Left. The most liberal president in U.S. history by an objective measure, and he isn’t facing a serious challenge from his own party for re-nomination. On the Republican side of the aisle, most polling shows Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis – two unapologetic partisan battering rams – drawing 75% of the primary electorate between the two of them. If Americans truly want moderation? I’d like to see the evidence of it!

Here in New Jersey, the twice-elected Phil Murphy has proven to be the most extreme governor in state history. Economics, school policy, immigration, civil liberties, gender politics, law enforcement… on every front, Murphy can be counted upon to adopt the extreme Left position. Yet time after time, notwithstanding Murphy’s unapologetic far-Left policies which have not just harmed New Jersey but resulted in thousands of nursing home deaths, Jon Bramnick has been silent or muted in his criticism as Governor Murphy locked down our schools, forced bizarre gender politics down our children’s throats in schools, and turned New Jersey into a haven for illegal aliens. Unless it’s taxes? Bramnick doesn’t seem all too bothered by Leftist extremism (at least when he’s not on a set shooting a TV commercial). He can be counted upon to regularly criticism alleged extremism in his own party and its popular figures (like Trump and Tucker Carlson). Meanwhile, he’s bragged about his personal relationship with Murphy while simultanesouly keeping the not-very-Trumpy Jack Ciattarelli’s 2021 campaign against Murphy at arm’s length.

Murphy released prisoners, raised taxes on everyone and has taken steps to thwart law enforcement… everything Bramnick allegedly rejects as “extreme” in his TV spot. Can he point to evidence of what he’s done in real life to stop Murphy from accomplishing any of it? Other than host him for a backyard BBQ with other “comedians” at a time in 2021 when restaurants were being destroyed by Murphy’s policies?

Here’s what Bramnick doesn’t tell you in his ad, folks: “extremism” is, as ever, a matter of perspective. New Jerseyans repeatedly votes for Leftist extremists like Murphy, Booker, Biden and Menendez in statewide elections. As a Rockefeller Republican whose conservativism is largely limited to taxation, Bramnick’s definition of “extreme” is light years away from what your average working class Republican voter considers abhorrent. Pushing transgenderism down children’s throats in school without parental notice or involvement, a practice supported by his pal Murphy his attorney general whom Bramnick voted to confirm? Not nearly as offensive to Bramnick and Republicans who think like him than a handful of assholes dressed like vikings posing with Nancy Pelosi’s office furniture.

Most people couldn’t give a fig for bipartianship. They want someone to fight for their values.

Bramnick’s ad arguably does that. There are a ton of virtue-signalers in Westfield, New Jersey! As for elsewhere, Republican politicians would be ill-advised to adopt the Senator’s form of comedy as a roadmap for broad electoral success.

Matt Rooney
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