Rutgers professor finds moral equivalence between ISIS and America… and you’re subsidizing it!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

In recent years, Save Jerseyans, we’ve seen Rutgers faculty (and their brainwashed little student clones) declare pedophilia not a crime, cite racism as a cause of low-income obesity, run America’s first African American secretary of state off campus and even try to kill their own mascot.

The inmates are in control of this heavily taxpayer-subsidized asylum.

This one, however, takes the cake. And crosses a huge, bright, clear line in my opinion. A Rutgers professor named Deepa Kumar (author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, which tells you all you need to know), associate professor of journalism and media studies and one of the academic hobgoblins responsible for slandering Dr. Condi Rice, is apparently all over Twitter in recent months claiming that the U.S. is worse than ISIS:

She’s welcome to take a sabbatical in Raqqa. I’ll go into my own pocket for the plane ticket! Two week in and her next book might reflect a decidedly different worldview.

For now, this far-left dingbat with a diploma proved in her most recent off-the-wall tweet that, in addition to being a terror apologist, she’s also a rabid Israel-hater:


I-S-R-A-E-L, Deepa. Israel. If you’re going to slander an entire people then please at least try to spell their country’s name correctly!

By the way, her aforementioned “book” is no less scary that the 140-character teasers embedded above. Here’s a particularly egregious America-bashing excerpt from an interview about it:

Let me end with an example from history. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, over 100,000 people of Japanese descent (a majority of whom were US citizens) were put into concentration camps. If you read about these camps they were horrible places with no plumbing or cooking facilities—yet young and old were incarcerated. A few short years later, the US dropped atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocents. These events are connected. When a nation goes to war it turns against those it sees as domestic representatives of the “foreign enemy.” We have to learn the lessons of history and show that what is happening to Muslims today is tied to the “war on terror.” We have to oppose the agenda of empire.”

Maybe she’d like to tell us what the U.S. has ever done right in her eyes? I’m not going to defend a Democrat president’s internment policy, folks, but as a general matter (and especially in reference to the A-bomb), does the professor think we should’ve let the Japanese Empire colonize the Pacific Rim and perpetrate 10,000 more Bataan Death Marches?

Keep in mind that Rutgers University receives hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid, Save Jerseyans. Your tax dollars are subsidizing her department. Your hard-earned cash is keeping her online, spewing bullshit, instead of having to get a real job like the rest of us.

I ask again: Why should we continue to subsidize crazy? And not the fun variety of crazy. Dangerous, loony, pro-terrorist crazy.

RU needs to start laying down the law or we need to collectively vote to turn off the spigot. Let Soros endow them. I want to wash my hands of this atrocity.


10 thoughts on “Rutgers professor finds moral equivalence between ISIS and America… and you’re subsidizing it!

  1. I agree with you. If Rutgers wants to hire bigots who hate the US and Israel we need to remember and stop subsidizing Rutgers. We have to make sure to tell the politicians to cut state funding for Rutgers.

  2. this is the school that blocked Condoleza Rice from speaking there. our tax dollars at work. wonder how much she makes? should publish that so we see how much of our money is being squandered.

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