NJGOP Assemblyman: Christie “uses our families as a punching bag”

NJGOP Assemblyman: Christie “uses our families as a punching bag”

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

The gulf between Chris Christie and one of South Jersey’s remaining Republican legislators grew dramatically on Thursday, Save Jerseyans, when Asm. Chris Brown (R-2) called on the Governor to secure federal funding in the aftermath of last weekend’s dramatic flooding.

The Assemblyman didn’t mince words or pull punches.

“It is disappointing Gov. Christie chooses to criticize our local families, particularly in Margate, and downplay the damage caused by the storm. We need a governor who will stand by us, not a presidential candidate who uses our families as a punching bag in order to generate a sound bite,” Brown told the Press of AC in a blisteringly-direct interview, referring to the Governor’s now infamous “mop” comments for which he soon after apologized.

The relationship between the two first deteriorated back in the immediate aftermath of Election 2013 when Brown accused Christie of cutting a deal with South Jersey Democrats that costs the Republican party seats, notably that of his then-district mate John Amodeo. The Governor’s support for North Jersey casino expansion hasn’t helped matters.

Unsurprisingly, Brown was on a short list of Republican legislators who held out and declined to endorse the Christie presidential bid.

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  1. Dems and republicans not much difference except the spelling. None of them have have a good idea in the last 50 years. They sit around beat their gums about helping middle-class then decide to raise taxes line their pockets with great retirement benefits what a bunch of PIG’S

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