Black Friday Hypocrisy

November 23, 2012 Matt Rooney 5

It’s getting harder and harder to stomach these people, Save Jerseyans. The newly-reelected Bob Menendez is running around on Black Friday asking New Jerseyans to […]

Sometimes Less is Morsi

November 23, 2012 Matt Rooney 3

God only knows, Save Jerseyans. As the faux “ceasefire” persists between Israel and Hamas, President Obama has reportedly developed a new telephone buddy: Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian […]

Barack Almighty

November 22, 2012 Matt Rooney 7

President Barack Obama’s 11-paragraph Thanksgiving 2012 address contained a lot of stuffing, Save Jersey. Unfortunately, our Turkey-in-Chief couldn’t be bothered with a single mention of […]

The First Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012 Matt Rooney 0

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Sugarcoating matters won’t help your mood: it’s been a very tough year. The economy stinks, our fellow citizens’ voting perferances stink even […]

Civilization vs. Savages

November 21, 2012 Matt Rooney 4

Today’s “ceasefire” between (1) Israel and the Palestinians (2) Egypt and Iran is sure to make the diplomatic class feel awfully good about themselves, Save Jerseyans. […]